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Published 03/31/2006 | Glycemic Index , Prepared Meals | Rating:

The foundation of the new NutriSystem Nourish plan is largely based on the consumption of Low Glycemic foods as a source of carbohydrates. Foods that have a low G.I. level break down slowly in the body and keep blood sugars stable. High G.I. foods break down at a fast pace and cause insulin spikes, which lead to the storage of fat. Low G.I. foods are high in protein and fiber, promoting satiety and boosting metabolism.

NutriSystem offers six different programs that cater to specific wants and needs. There are the Women’s Program, Silver for women, Men’s Program, Silver For Men, Type II Diabetic Program and All-Vegetarian Program. There's even a NutriSystem for Kids now available. The pre-packaged meals are already sorted out into proper portion sizes so there’s no need to worry about overeating.  

The NutriSystem Nourish foods includes a wealth of low-glycemic "good" carbs. In addition, the meal plan meets the recommended amounts of protein and fiber. It's both low fat and healthy carb which works in keeping the blood sugar levels at even keel.

In addition to the convenience factor of the NutriSystem program, dieters also receive a breadth of guidance and support from trained experts… without having to attend weekly meetings at a specific location. One-on-one counseling sessions are conducted via telephone or online at no extra costs. There’s no need to ever leave the house to shed those dreaded pounds.

With the NutriSystem membership, you'll receive the meals, the NutriSystem catalog, the motivational message, the online newsletter, online classes, online bulletin boards and chat rooms, online diaries and the member profile section. You'll also have the NutriSystem which provides an outline of your meal plan so you can check off what you eat throughout the day.

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