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Bikini Boot Camp
Published 10/2/2007 | Low Fat | Rating:

The Bikini Boot Camp is looking for a few new recruits who are looking to shed those extra pounds. Interested dieters can lose up to 10 pounds in 14 days with the help of a mind, body and spirit approach. Amansala Spa founders Melissa Perlman and Erica Gragg are assisting women in dropping two dresses sizes in two weeks. Their clientele includes top celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Linda Evangelista, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Cindy Crawford.

According to the Bikini Boot Camp babes, the program is for people who are looking to kick start a healthy lifestyle and tighten and tone the butt, stomach and other trouble spots through balanced eating, fitness, meditation and motivation.

While the term ďboot campĒ may conjure up images of a rigorous workout, itís actually a softer approach to harder bodies. The boot camp element is that there is discipline and dedication. Itís not a boot camp where the dieter feels completely exhausted and winded to the point where he or she canít do anything. This program is energizing. By eating healthy, journaling and exercising, itís designed to help energize rather than fatigue.

While many people fork out top dollar for a stay at the luxurious Amansala Spa, you can now enjoy the workouts, the recipes and all of the other regimens for under $20 by simply purchasing Bikini Book Camp online or at your local bookstore.  Much like having your own personal trainer, Bikini Boot Camp provides a step-by-step manual on your daily fitness regimen, complete with explanations and illustrations. Comprised of four components, circuit training, core strengthening, yoga and walking are all essential elements for achieving a hot beach body.

The fitness regimen consists of 40 minutes of circuit training daily, 20 minutes of core strengthening every other day, 15 minutes of yoga a day and 60 minutes of walking a day. It may seem like a lot to someone who does virtually no physical activity, but all four components are necessary to a firmer, fitter figure.

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