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The Biggest Loser
Published 03/3/2006 | Low Carb , Low Fat , Low Calorie | Rating:

The highly-visible, made-for-television diet is a calorie-controlled,  carbohydrate-modified and fat-reduced eating plan. There are no processed  foods (chips, sugary cereals or hot dogs), no processed grains (white bread, 
pretzels or pastries), no trans fat and no white sugar.

At the same time, the Biggest Loser diet does not endorse eliminating all carbs. The diet is high in fresh, minimally processed foods and lean protein, which control hunger.

When following the Biggest Loser Diet, there is also a 12-week cardio program using intervals to increase intensity. Alternate the cardio workout with a circuit-training program that has nine specific moves with only  seconds between sets.

This workout is performed three times a week for 30 minutes. As your body adapts, you’ll increase repetitions, sets and the amount of weights.

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