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Diet to Your Door
Published 03/4/2006 | Glycemic Index , Prepared Meals | Rating:

Dr. Caroline Cederquist is making house calls in the form of Diet To Your Door. This weight-loss program, features on VH1 Celebrity Fit Club, is just what the doctor ordered for effective weight loss and optimum health. A weight-loss physician, Dr. Cederquist uses her knowledge to create a balanced meal plan and relies on a team of award-winning chefs, dietitians and experts in food technology to create the menus. In turn, you receive ready-to-eat meals that just need to be heated up… delivered right to your door. It’s like having a weight loss physician and a personal chef wrapped into one.

The plan offers a balance of lean protein (which protects the body’s lean muscle mass) and complex carbohydrates with a low-glycemic index that keeps your blood sugar levels from yo-yoing throughout the day. Your calorie intake will range from 1,100 to 1,400, shifting daily to prevent the body from getting used to one set point. This will keep you from hitting weight loss plateaus that often occur when your body adapts to your diet and fitness regimen.

For less than $24.50 a day, you will receive 3 gourmet meals and 2 healthy snacks a day. You will also receive weekly program information that Dr. Cederquist uses in her medical practice with weight-loss, nutritional and work out educational material. Finally, the program includes free access to Dr Cederquist’s team of dietitians.

Here’s a sample of Diet To Your Door menu:

BREAKFAST: Poppy seed protein bagel and cream cheese served with a rich and flavorful Amaretto chocolate drink.

MORNING SNACK: Crisp n' Crunch cinnamon protein bar

LUNCH: Stuffed Chicken with Spinach & Feta-Oven-roasted boneless, skinless chicken breast stuffed with chopped spinach and feta in tomato coulis made with fire-roasted tomatoes, shallots and basil alongside green and yellow beans and a side of baby carrots.

AFTERNOON SNACK: Chili Nacho Protein Chips

DINNER: Top Sirloin in a Morel Mushroom Sauce – Elegant steakhouse dining in minutes! Grilled top sirloin in a savory morel mushroom sauce, paired with sweet corn, steamed baby peas and delicate pearl onions.

Diet To Your Door also offers sub-plan from $19.95 a day to $24.50 a day.

This is a high quality program, with exceptional food and led by a top expert respected by her peers. Highly recommended.

Visit the official Diet To Your Door website now and get a free dinner with your first purchase!

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