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3 Hour Diet
Published 02/28/2006 | Other | Rating:

Timing is everything. Created by diet and fitness guru Jorge Cruise, the 3-Hour Diet is as simple as it sounds.

The basic premise is to eat every three hours from the time you wake up. The program calls for three meals, a snack and a treat.  According to Jorge, you should eat breakfast within one hour of rising and stop eating three hours before bedtime. In doing so, you'll lose two pounds a week, he promises. Even better, you'll take off that unsightly belly fat first. 

If eating around the clock seems unattainable, Jorge points out that it's possible. Take the late riser for example. Their eating schedule would look something like this:

10am: Breakfast
1pm: Lunch*
4pm: Snack
7pm: Dinner
9pm: Treat AND Snack

So what do you get to eat? Whatever you want, says Jorge. His motto: there are no bad foods, only bad timing and bad servings. In fact, banning your favorite foods only sets yourself up for failure.

With the 3-Hour Diet, you consume bread, pasta, chocolate and fast food. To support his way of eating, Jorge has created the 3-Hour Plate which should look something like this. Fill half of your plate with vegetables the equivalent of three DVD cases. The bottom half should be filled with protein the size of a deck of cards and carbohydrates equal to a Rubik's Cube. Don't forget to top off your plate with one teaspoon of fat the equivalent of a water bottle cap. Jorge provides suggested guidelines to keep you on the right track. 

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