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TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)
Published 03/4/2006 | Other | Rating:

It's the weigh-loss program that's not a diet. Support is the primary function of this international, non-profit weight-loss support group. TOPS does not endorse any specific diet. Instead, the organization recommends that members consult with their physician and determine the meal plan that's most suitable for the individual.

Their mission is to help people take off weight sensibly.

The TOPS' philosophy states that the desire to change comes from within an individual and the most effective way to sustain change is to provide a supporting environment. TOPS provides peer-based support to help dieters meet with other individuals facing the same challenges.

Similar to Weight Watchers, TOPS meetings are held on a weekly basis where participants have the opportunity to weigh in and receive a motivational program aimed to assist members in sticking with their food and fitness plans. With more than 200,000 members throughout the world, the annual fee is affordable at just $20. Meetings are held at community centers, churches, women's clubs, civic centers and other local facilities which vary according to location.

TOPS offers a team of experts well-versed in medicine, nutrition, fitness and psychology. In addition to meetings, there also retreats, rallies, and other special events. TOPS also publishes a magazine for members and educational brochures available to the public.

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