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Special K Diet
Published 03/4/2006 | Low Calorie , High Fiber | Rating:

Ready for a diet that will bowl you over? It’s special… Special K that is.

The marketing brains behind Kellogg cereal have fashioned the Special K Challenge where dieters stand to lose 6 pounds in two weeks by simply integrating the breakfast cereal into their daily meal plan. Within 14 days, you’ll see results, according to their studies. It stands to reason that just about anyone can lose weight on this program when their replacing high-fat, high-calorie meals with low-calorie cereal. 

Following the Special K diet is nothing if not simple. For breakfast, dieters consume one serving of Special K (110 calories) with 2/3 cup skim milk and fruit. Lunch or dinner is also cereal, milk and fruit.

The dieter eats whatever he or she wants for the third meal a day. Fresh fruit, vegetables or a Special K Bar are the recommended snacks. There are no limitations regarding what you drink. In line with the Special K Challenge, there is an entire line of great-tasting snacks including Protein Snack Bars, Protein Water, Cereal Bars and Snack Bites. 

The Special K website now offers customized weekly menus based on your preferences. By responding to a few questions about your likes and dislikes, they create a complimentary meal plan comprised of their products. For example the menu for Sunday might look something like this:

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