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Published 03/4/2006 | Glycemic Index , Prepared Meals | Rating:

Medifast plays nutritionist, chef and personal shopper for those individuals desperate to lose weight but lacking the time to do it.

With the help of the home delivery meal service, you stand to lose up to 20 pounds in just four weeks. The best part: you won’t have to shop, cook or count calories or carbs. In layman’s terms, Medifast is a high-protein, fortified meal replacement program, similar to Slim-Fast, served right to your front door.

Celebrity endorsements include General Hospital veteran Genie Francis and the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kristy Swanson, both of whom have whittled their waistlines on the Medifast program. What makes the approach so popular with clients is that it's simplistic. There's no counting -- not calories, not carbs, not points.

With the Medifast Plan, you receive 5 prepared Medifast meals along with 1 “Lean and Green meal.” Similar to a soft diet, the Medifast meals are made up of shakes, bars, drinks, oatmeal, chili, soups, pudding and more.

With up to 70 options to choose from, variety is of little concern. Designed to cater to different tastes, there are kosher dairy products, kosher parve products, low glycemic products, soy free products, lactose free products, low lactose products, not vegetarian endorsed products and products formulated for diabetics.

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