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French Women Donít Get Fat
Published 03/20/2006 | Low Calorie , High Fiber | Rating:

When in the U.S., do as the French do. Thatís the advice of author Mireille Guiliano. With one out of three people in America either overweight or obese, Guiliano suggests that readers take a cue from their thinner French counterparts. Sheís an opponent of diets, which she says only contribute to the yo-yo effect. To slim down, you wonít need to count calories, cut carbs or go to other extremes; instead youíll adopt the highly-effective habits of the French.

Eat three meals a day, load up on fruits and vegetables, swear off super-sizing, incorporate physical activity into your daily routine, drink water and indulge in your favorite treats on occasion. Itís common sense and it works. Just look at French women. Ironically, the French consume a diet rich in cream, butter, cheese, meat and other gourmet delicacies, but they manage to maintain their girlish figures.

Guiliano encourages her followers to eat for pleasure. Instead of living by the scale, she suggests keeping tabs of your weight using your zipper. When it becomes difficult to close your pants, itís time to get a handle on your habits. She also advocates the philosophy that less is more. Why eat 30 bites when the palate is satisfied after just three?

Eat with your head and donít leave the table feeling like youíve overdone it. Savor each morsel and take your time. Consume foods that will leave you feeling satisfied. Incorporate flavor into your diet using fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. When following her approach, some of the recipes she provides include: asparagus tart, a plum clafouti made without dough, salad of duck a l'orange and grilled peaches with lemon thyme.

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