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5 Day Miracle Diet
Published 03/2/2006 | Glycemic Index | Rating:

Actor Ralph Fiennes did it and author Adele Puhn says you can too.

Stabilized blood sugar and consistent weight loss can be yours. Of course, there's a catch. For starters, you're not going to lose the weight in five days. But you will stabilize your blood sugar levels. That's the theory behind this "miracle" working diet.

Basically you'll eliminate all of your cravings for fattening junk food within five days by following the guidelines, according to Puhn. Kill off the cravings and you're sure to lose weight, she says.

The 5-Day Miracle Diet hones in on two factors: the time of day you eat and the types of foods you consume. These are the contributors to blood sugar spikes throughout the day, which lead to binge eating. Control your blood sugar and you're less likely to reach for that bag of M&M's or Krispy Kreme donut. By getting these cravings under control, your overwhelming desires for starch, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and fat will slowly dissipate.

Breakfast is a serving of protein and a serving of starch. Consume a “hard chew” snack such as apples, celery, or pears within two hours of breakfast. Have another “hard chew” snack within two hours of the first snack or enjoy a serving of protein and a serving of vegetables for lunch.

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