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Jenny Craig
Published 03/30/2006 | Low Fat , High Fiber | Rating:

Kirstie Alley… Monica Lewinsky… Joy Behar… Valerie Bertinelli...

They’ve all put their bodies in the hands of Jenny Craig, one of the leading weight-loss centers in the industry since 1983. But they’re not the only ones who swear by the program. Thousands of women pour into 640 Jenny Craig centers throughout the world on a daily basis. And they’re all there in the name of lasting weight loss.  

In contrast to promising quick fixes or overnight successes like other fly-by-night plans, Jenny Craig endorses an objective approach to dieting that upholds three main principles: a healthy relationship with food, an active lifestyle and a balanced approach to living.

Jenny Craig provides each member with a well-rounded program that’s designed specifically with that person in mind. There are three different levels of membership available (trial, gold and platinum), modified to suit the needs of a diverse clientele.

Before joining, potential members complete a one-page health profile to ensure that the program can meet their needs. Once the initial consultation is complete, the member will meet one on one with a Jenny Craig representative to receive a personalized meal plan, a customized fitness program, motivational tools and weight-loss manuals for additional guidance.

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