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Get the latest diet, fitness and health advice from the leading experts. Choose Your Diet has exclusive one-on-one interviews to provide you with the most up-to-date news and information.  From best-selling authors to celebrity trainers, you'll have access to premiere resources to help you achieve your diet and fitness goals.

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» Achieve The Perfect Weight
Published 11/6/2007 | Expert Q & A | Rating:
There's nothing easy about weight loss. For many people, it's a process of trial and error that usually ends up in disappointment. Bestselling author Jordan Rubin, founder of The Maker's Diet, has set out to change the world one body at a time. Through his holistic approach to weight loss, the nutritional guru is helping scores of followers take control of their lives, as well as the enivornment around them. In this exclusive, Jordan discusses his ground-breaking approach to overall awareness that could possibly transform not just our bodies but the world we live in as well.
» Hollywood's Hottest Weight-Loss Plan
Published 07/31/2007 | Expert Q & A | Rating:
Jessica Simpson... John Mayer… Alicia Keys… Eva Mendes… Kanye West… Sophia Bush… Mandy Moore… It’s not the celebrity guest list for an upcoming awards show, but it is the clientele roster for one of Hollywood’s hottest personal trainers. Fitness guru Harley Pasternak is a lean, mean fat-fighting machine who boasts more than 40 big-name celebrity clients. Now, he’s sharing the ins and outs of his 5-Factor Diet plan so that you can use it and lose it just like your favorite stars.
» Bikini Boot Camp: Lose Up to 10Lbs In 2 Weeks!
Published 06/28/2007 | Expert Q & A | Rating:
Ten-hut! Bikini Boot Camp is looking for motivated new recruits who are desperate to drop up to 10 pounds in 14 days. But don’t let the name fool you. There’s nothing painful about participating in Bikini Boot Camp, a softer approach to harder bodies that combines mind, body and spirit elements to achieve a fab figure in just two weeks. Now we’ve enlisted authors Melissa Perlman and Erica Gragg to share the secrets of their hot new program…
» The Secret To Fab Abs
Published 06/7/2007 | Expert Q & A | Rating:

The tummy is the ultimate trouble spot, and most women spend a lifetime looking for the secret to a washboard stomach. They fork out top dollar for gizmos and gadgets that prove to be an exercise in futility. Well, search no further. The Abs Diet For Women is the hot new approach to weight loss that will have you donning belly-baring clothing in a matter of weeks. Author David Zinczenko shares the formula for a flatter stomach in this exclusive interview.

» The Missing Link In Weight Loss
Published 04/6/2007 | Expert Q & A | Rating:

Have you tried losing weight only to fail miserably time and time again?  Well, we’ve got a solution that can be used with any and every program – from the Mediterranean Diet to the South Beach diet. Regardless of whether you love the low-carb life or low-fat living, The Four Day Win can help you achieve your weight loss goals, even if you’ve never succeeded before. Described by author Martha Beck as the missing link in diet success, her approach targets the psychological and behavioral elements that people often overlook when trying to shed those extra pounds. Beck, a well-known columnist for O magazine, offers dieters a ground-breaking new approach to help revamp their unhealthy habits in just four days. That’s right. In just four days, you can be on your way to attaining a fit and fabulous figure. Put the years of struggling behind you with Beck’s hot new book The Four Day Win (Rodale 2006). In this Choose Your Diet exclusive, Beck discusses The Four Day Win and how it will change your life.  


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