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Glycemic Index
The Glycemic Index is a method of ranking carbohydrate-based foods based on the rise in blood sugar they produce after consumption.  The higher the rise in your blood sugar the higher the rise in your insulin levels.  This is a critical factor for diabetics and, through recent studies, lower blood sugar has been tied to an increase in satiety after eating and increased “good cholesterol”.  This has spawned several diet and nutrition programs aimed at controlling your weight through maintaining your blood sugar levels by consuming foods that are relatively low on the Glycemic Index.
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» 5 Day Miracle Diet
Published 03/2/2006 | Glycemic Index | Rating:
Actor Ralph Fiennes did it and author Adele Puhn says you can too. Stabilized blood sugar and consistent weight loss can be yours. Of course, there's a catch. For starters, you're not going to lose the weight in five days. But you will stabilize your blood sugar levels. That's the theory behind this "miracle" working diet. Basically you'll eliminate all of your cravings for fattening junk food within five days by following the guidelines, according to Puhn. Kill off the cravings and you're sure to lose weight, she says.
» Atkins
Published 02/28/2006 | Low Carb , Glycemic Index | Rating:

The brainchild of Dr. Robert Atkins, the low-carb craze was born more than three decades ago. Although the low-carb approach has taken a lashing in the media over the last couple of years, there are many advocates who swear by the eating approach founded by Dr. Atkins.

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