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Low Carbohydrate or Low Carb diets encompass a broad range of diet approaches with one central theme – controlling your carbohydrate intake (breads, starches, processed sugars, etc), will bring about ketosis – a metabolic function whereby your body actually starts to burn its’ own fat.  Usually the ketosis phase is generally short-lived and dieters move to a more healthy “maintenance phase”.  This diet approach rocketed to the forefront several years ago when Dr. Robert Atkins presented research to the American Medical Association on how low carb diets can actually be heart healthy.  There have been several position papers since then that this may not be the case and this would still be a hotly debated topic if the low carb diet craze were as hot a topic today.
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» TNT Diet
Published 10/3/2007 | Low Carb | Rating:

Prepare yourself for a diet that will blow you away. Another property of 
the Men's Health Empire, the TNT Diet promises to help dieters (namely men) change their bodies by following a simple fat-fighting formula. The mission of the TNT Diet is to ensure that the body doesn't store fat. 
Based on the latest science and research, authors Adam Campbell and Jeff Volek have assembled a state-of-the-art program using Targeted Nutrition Tactics. Hence the TNT in the name.

» Total Health Makeover
Published 09/27/2007 | Low Carb | Rating:

Actress Marilu Henner might be best known for her role on Taxi. However,  it's the Total Health Makeover that has put her back in the spotlight over the last few years.With a groundbreaking book and an online destination, The Total Health Makeover promises to improve health, promote a youthful appearance and kickstart weight loss.

» Lean For Life
Published 09/26/2007 | Low Carb | Rating:

Stay lean for life. It sounds too good to be true, but it's the guarantee made by Lindora  Online, a digital program based on the strategies used by the Lindora weight loss centers. Throughout Southern California, Lindora has 35 clinic locations.  For those who don't reside in the area, they can access all of the resources and tools the program has to offer from the comfort of their own homes.

» Idiot Proof Diet
Published 09/24/2007 | Low Carb | Rating:

Looking for a weight-loss plan that's idiot proof? Well, that's exactly how Fat Loss 4 Idiots is marketing itself. The plan which touts itself as an accelerated fat loss diet promises to help dieters shed 9 pounds in 11 days. Say goodbye to low carb, low calorie and low fat. According to the website, none of those approaches are effective tools to lasting weight loss, not like the Idiot Proof Diet.

» Eat Great, Lose Weight
Published 09/21/2007 | Low Carb | Rating:

Eat great, lose weight. That’s not only Suzanne Somers' motto, it’s the title of one of her many books that preach the Somersizing philosophy. With Eat Great, Lose Weight, dieters focus on making the proper food combinations, a running theme throughout most of her books.

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